17 October 2013

Indian Jewellery and Sarees

Jewellery and Sarees are the most attractive for every woman sides of the Indian Culture, I think. Who of us did not envy the actresses of the indian films that are so beautiful and feminine in their draped wears and ornated with great quantity of necklaces, bracelets and rings - for ears and toes? These images follw us all our life long. And, as in many other cases we would like to have them in our wardrobe.

Now, the Indian Marketplace online, Craftsvilla.com, allows us to buy directly in India all the items that compose Bridal Jewellery. It's so easy to fulfill our dream! All the world is only some days far today. Ordine your set and begin to wear it only some weeks later! It's clear that no one shop outside the "native" country can offer a satisfying choice of the items you desire as the place where the model was created and is in use.

The Indian marketplace is the prove of it. Visit the site to enjoy Designer Sarees which have infinite colors and ornaments. You will be surprized by their regal look. Notice the variety of fabrics. From georgetee to coton.

The most amuzing is that we can wear the same models that our favourite actresses do. Give a look at Bollywood Sarees and imagine yourself in the film you like. As for me, I would like to wear one of these sarees and to pass a day for a mirrow dreaming a heroic saga with me as a princess...

07 June 2013

The Mystifying Beauty Of Yellow Sapphires

Unless you're new to the world of gems, you must be aware of the ever growing popularity of the beautiful Yellow Sapphire gemstone. There are many reasons for the same, its splendid color and striking appearance being one. Of the many reasons, the gemstone is particulary famous for it's mystical, astrological abilities. The gorgeous gem is believed to possess strong and effective powers that are meant to benefit the wearer in many ways.
Due to these mystic abilities, the yellow sapphire stone is truly one of the most popular gems in the Indian market. It is more commonly also known as Pushparaga and Pukhraj. The pukhraj stone has a long list of benefits. It is known to depict wisdom, enhance creativity, bring in happiness and also aid in healing. The number of reasons why a pukhraj gemstone is considered to be so powerful, are endless. What's more, the alluring stone is found in the form of stylish and stunning jewelry, like pendants, rings, bracelets.
The yellow pukhraj is also considered to be beneficial for people of all age groups. Having said that, it's also crucial to remember that a pukhraj varies in carat. The perfect size and carat must be chosen as per the age of the wearer, so that he/she can reap the benefits of this beautiful stone.
Buying The Yellow Sapphire
With the growing popularity of the gems, it is also true that the number of fake stones is also on the rise. Even when it comes to the pukhraj stone price, there is no difference between the real or the artificial one. It is therefore, quite difficult to differentiate between a real gemstone and a fake one but with better and reliable information, you can easily identify and select the real yellow pukhraj stone. One such reliable provider of exclusive gemstones is GemPundit.com. While it is always important, as a buyer, to know a bit about the gem you wish to buy, a reliable seller too is of great importance. The website is a leading online jewelry and gemstones store. It has a vast collection of gems including the mystifying yellow pukhraj.
Choose to buy your yellow sapphire from GemPundit.com for honest service and 100% original product.

15 May 2013

Bian Stone for Ever Young Skin

A stone of beauty, a stone of youth of the skin... bianshi or bian stone.

Do you believe in it? Yes, I do.

As you can see on the photo, I procured both jade and bian stone massage plates and hope to have many different benefits using them. For example, I wanted to have a younger skin, better hair conditions, better eye conditions. Because I have grave problems specially with the eyes for my all the day sitting for PC.

I have just a necklace from 5A bian stone and 2 stones 3A for the eyes (on the photo). The stones, both jade and bian, do work, even if I can't describe it scientifically. Jade is more delicate on the skin. The 5A necklace was probably too hard for me, because I felt not very good first days. I had head aches and higher blood pressure (normally, I have low pressure). Later, the uncomfortable sensations passed and now I take the necklace without any problem.

What about the jade and bian massage - I do it not very regularly beause I never have time for it. Even in bed just before the sleep I did not do it for about 2 weeks because I was so tired when I turned home after job that I could be able only do essential things and close the eyes in the moment I touched the pillow.

So, I'll begin the "practice" now and will tell you about the results in one of my posts here.

By the way, if somebody wants them, I have one jade comb and 2 jade plates to sell (it's Hsiuyen Jade). Euro 10 the comb and euro 5 the plate.

18 April 2013

Muyu Stone Cups for Best Water

Yes, you are right, finally I found them: mugs from a semiprecious stone. These are not jasper mugs. I could not find them. If I understand it good, it's a kind of nephrite. They call it Wood Grain Jade, too, and there is an other name I forgot. Something like "wood fish".

I read about the very good influence of jasper on the liquids it contains in different old books- They told about the very good health of the persons who drunk water and wine only from the jasper cups. Since, as most persons, we have many health problems, I wanted to have these cups in the house.

But... it's impossible. At least I could not find such a cup even if I tried different ways.

About 2 month ago, I found some new for me Chinese traditional medicines and, suddenly, these cups appear in the research. Jade, nephritis are known by centuries as healing stones and I decided to give a try to this stone, too. Precisely, this stone is formed from fine-crystal marine metamorphic rock.

What can the muyu stone do for our health?
It makes the quality of the water and other liquids better,
the water remains fresh and good for many days in the cup (that is specially good in summer),
and the stone is very rich on minerals - they are more than 20, so that the water becomes practically mineral water.

Well... I feel the taste when I drink water from these mugs. I can't define this taste. Maybe ferrous taste (they say, myu stone is very rich on it). Hope, it will help me to maintain me young and healthy. ;-)))

30 March 2013

Sell Your Rolex Watch or Exchange It

Rolex watches, established equivalent of precision and reliability, are so attractive that you want to try all the most interesting and modern models. But not all the persons like to create collections of the watches they possess. Did you know that it's very  easy to sell rolex watches? Or, if you are not interested to buy a new watch, you can exchange it and live new experiences without buying a new watch.

One of the most trusted in the industry, Bob's Watches offers a great choice of all the most requested in the world models of rolex watches. You can purchase a new for you model or simply sell your used one. It's incredibly easy: you only fill up a form to have a quote with the best price. Or call a free number. Or chat with an employer - if you prefer. In any case, you will tell them about your watch and they will communicate you the best market value of it.

Bob's Watches offers you even free shipping of your watch when you decide to sell it. So, all the process is: tell about your watch for free, sell your watch for free - and receive cash for it! Amazing!

The stuff, from the other side, is very friendly and efficient. You know how important is to have prompt help and answers when you deal online. We think, we can control the situation and receive better results when we go in the shop on the street. In this case, you can trust the company, and you will be surprised of high quality customer service.

13 March 2013

Spring Means Many Many Bracelets

Source: azizeh.com via | on Pinterest

Spring will come one day... o no? What can I say you? It's possible. We still do not feel it but plants, animals and birds are just ready to begin the new circle of life.

For me, spring is particularly interesting for the possibility to wear my stones. In winter, I'm not alive. I feel the absence of sunshine so much! I wear different layers of clothes and the ornaments do not look good with them.

Now, when everything begins to bloom, all my thoughts are pointed towards the renovation, too. I think about the bracelets I want to wear next spring and summer. In this months, I've seen photos of many persons wearing bracelets so as it is represented on this photo. Normally, I do not use so many different bracelets and rings. But I think, they are not bad.
Well, I do not know if I will wear so many bracelets at once but at least I want to try it. Maybe, it will be my new look next summer, too.

21 February 2013

Tips When Buying An Original Rolex Watch

Can anybody think of the hard work, the sweat and also the hours invest to a brand making it grow to internationally recognized heights? Rolex is a brand that is certainly valued as among the top 100 most popular brands. This hard work and sweat will obviously attract some free loaders which hop on on the name of the trademark and use it to generate money of their own. Such will be the practice of counterfeiters that are now some individuals who benefit most from the brand name. These counterfeiters notice that original watches might be pricy and thus not available to everyone so they really target they to whom these watches are certainly not available by making use of price just as one incentive. Still, Rolex has continued to prove time and again that class and quality could be the trademark. The Rolex Submariner is probably the models that is not easy to replicate as it is used in marine diving. There are a number of tests that have been performed about this watch to ensure it remains functional inspite of the pressure underwater. Replicating something which complex to precision isn't a profitable venture since the counterfeiter would should also use a many resources to ensure this watch is comparable to the original. Such models and has keep Rolex in front of the pack and have the counterfeiters trying to get caught up. Dials such as that of the Rolex President have been easier to replicate. So get a telephone that you purchase watch from an authorised Rolex vendor in order to avoid buying counterfeits lacking the knowledge of. Also, know about the tell tale signs that distinguish counterfeits from the original watches. Swiss-Wrist.com offers internet surfers beautiful Amazon rolex that are original. These watches are of a great variety as there are those that have been used before high are those which might be new.

18 February 2013

Peridot Bracelet and Rose Quartz Love Talisman

Did you notice this peculiarity: the events never come alone. If  you have one client, the other clients arrive promptly. When the flow finishes, you can wait for many time to see an other client. So is for me, too. I had not worked with the stones for different months. I was so terribly busy that I did not have time for the simple things like reading and relaxation in my garden. And I can't create something when I have not time to taste the creation process.

In the last days, I had to make some bracelets. Here I'll show you some photos of my "lab".

The bracelet of Peridot was simple to do. I send some photos to the man who was not sure about the stone to choose. He wrote me he wants Peridot when he knew I have this stone.

The next bracelets had to be created from rose quartz. Here are some ideas. 
The bracelets I like very much are these crossed double bracelets like this in fluorite. It's very mixed: stones of different shapes, with crystals, with I don't remember what else. It's very nice, as for me. I do not know why love fluorite.

So, I said, we can do similar bracelet from Rose Quartz, too.
The other idea -and I'll do it when I have more time- is that 3 line bracelet. I want to place the flower over the stones. Don't you like it? 

Here are some other ideas with Rose Quartz. Double and single line one stone models. Talismans to attract love...

16 January 2013

A Never-ending World of Beauty

Gemstones... is there someone who's heart did not stop for a moment when he looks at these marvels of the nature? The world of stones is a world of eternal beauty, mystic stories and legends. people of all epochs and cultures were fascinated by gemstones and their world.

Sometimes I think that these are a simply combination of elements and high pressure and the light that passes through the mineral...

But thanks to their particular chemical composition, these minerals can be not only desirable objects but  have therapeutic effects, too. Different chemical compositions allow them to release different energies and if we have patience, we can enjoy their effects. This action is continuous and it takes far from us unwanted energies. too.

A very simple meditation is to hold a mineral you like near your heart and allow it's energies to penetrate in your heart. imagine it, observe it.
It works this way. All the energy medicines. They purify different kinds of impurities and open the blockages we have in our energetic fields. Some of the stones attract the impure energies of our body and attach them to their surface. This is why is necessary to maintain them pure and clean. and, with proper care, they will continue their precious job infinitely.


21 December 2012

Gemstones of December 21, 2012

All the internet and TV are full of the End of the World messages. There are some surprised persons which do not know believe or not believe. Most take it as an other April Fools' Day. There are notices of something falling from the gray clouds that cover all the sky this morning (drops of the rain: the weather forecast was exact yesterday evening), someone observed red sky when he opened the eyes.

We do not want to announce such stupidities this day of the End of the World. We will think about the stones: what stone was assigned to December, 21? Here are they (obviously, there are different even if, as I just wrote in my posts here, jewellers wanted to unify all the systems in one in 60'th.

So the gemstones for today are

Blue Topaz



The photos are from Wikipedia
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